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Edinburgh Park Station tram stop at Edinburgh Park business park displaying an ‘et app’ advert.

18th Apr 2024


From concert-goers to super commuters; Passenger extends partnership with Edinburgh Trams

Edinburgh Trams has extended its contract with Passenger, the UK’s leading digital transport services provider, to 2027.

28th Mar 2024


Go East Anglia’s Konectbus delivers egg-citing Easter Deals with app rewards

Dubbed "Eggscape by Bus," Go East Anglia's Easter holiday campaign aims to entice travellers to explore various destinations and enjoy special perks, all by downloading and accessing rewards via the Konectbus mobile app.

27th Mar 2024


Transport for Wales extends relationship with Passenger

Passenger and Transport for Wales build on their successful relationship by extending the Traws Cymru partnership to supply its digital technology for a further two years.

Pulhams Coaches Go Ahead

22nd Mar 2024


Pulhams Coaches launches with Passenger as Go-Ahead invests in latest digital technology

Passenger and Go-Ahead have launched a new Pulhams Coaches app in the Cotswolds as part of their effort to make travelling easier for passengers.

Ben Murray, KPMG’s Product Manager on the Department for Transport’s BODS programme

22nd Mar 2024


The most disruptive type of data

Product Manager for the Bus Open Data Service, Ben Murray, on collaboration, the distinction between what became known as simple and complex fares, and how Passenger is leading the way with visualising machine readable NeTEx data — the most disruptive type of data — in a way that the operators can understand, verify and fix if they need to.

20th Mar 2024

Making Passenger

The fares journey: from workshop to working product

The delivery of a new feature can be easy to understand in retrospect, especially once it can be touched, felt and easily understood. But bringing everyone on the journey is key to reaching the promised land. From conversations and sketches to app update, read how our new fares capability evolved.

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Arial view of green fields

16th Feb 2024

Making Passenger

The importance of Passenger’s ticket coverage concept to delivering new fares capability

As a relatively unknown data standard in the UK, learning how to use NeTEx and where it fits into existing product capability has been a focus for our Product and Engineering teams over the last year. Ticket coverage, or zones, is a key product concept integral to answering the question; how much will it cost?

Blackpool Transport Bus & Tram driving along a road.

15th Feb 2024


Passenger extends partnership with Blackpool Transport to 2029 in five-year contract renewal

Bus and tram operator Blackpool Transport has renewed its contract with Passenger, the UK’s leading digital transport services provider, for five years, taking the long-running partnership to 2029.

12th Feb 2024

Product news

Passenger launches online bus fare discovery based on NeTEx

For the first time, riders can find out how much their journey will cost before catching the bus. The new capability has been launched today with Brighton and Hove Buses, Metrobus in Surrey, Warrington’s Own Buses, Reading Buses, Thames Valley Buses and Nottingham City Transport. 

Passenger Academy

31st Jan 2024


Unleashing knowledge: Passenger Academy – Your gateway to mastery

Today, we announce the launch of our online training platform, Passenger Academy, designed to support our operators in unlocking the full potential of our Passenger Cloud platform.

A single decker bus on Nottingham’s Medilink, operated by CTN.

22nd Jan 2024


Nottinghamshire community transport operator launches new website with myTrip

Citing reliability as its customers' number one priority, Nottingham-based bus operator CT4N launches a new integrated eCommerce website for bus services on the myTrip platform.

Women look at security cameras

17th Jan 2024

Product news

New admin user account management tools in Passenger Cloud

As part of information security management systems, regular user access checks are vital when staff leave the business or change roles. Today, we have made good information security practices more accessible with the release of new tools in Passenger Cloud.

Focused mature black man looking at smartphone holding a coffee on street

16th Jan 2024


Breaking down the barriers to catching the bus

Getting non-users to try the bus, instead of taking their car, is an existential priority for the bus industry in a post-pandemic world. A combination of simplification, consistent messaging and technology is already being leveraged to achieve it.

Two people seen from behind walking along an underground station tunnel

12th Jan 2024


The 2023 cyber attack on transport that went largely unnoticed

On 28th September 2023, a number of key transport websites went offline around Britain in a targeted cyber attack on transport infrastructure. Thanks to a combination of security and engineering techniques built into Passenger’s product platform, over 30 bus operator websites were completely unaffected.

A man stands in front of a large departure board at a travel interchange

2nd Jan 2024

Product news

Consistent and accurate journey cancellation information for customers

A small user interface change, driven by multiple data sources, with a huge impact on customers planning journeys by bus and operators managing their services.

2023 A Year In Review - 2024 Due

31st Dec 2023

Passenger team

2023 in review

As we approach the end of 2023, we reflect on what a busy year it’s been – not only for us at Passenger but across the industry as a whole. Join us in a look back at the most memorable moments this year.

A red and silver Yutong E12 operated by TrawsCymru

19th Dec 2023


Accessing discounts for young people made easy with in-app verifications at TrawsCymru

In-app verifications are an easy and effective way to offer targeted discounts whilst preventing fraud and protecting revenue.

Cover image showing different visual elements of in-app verification for Brighton & Hove Buses

10th Nov 2023

Product news

Revenue yield boosted 13% with in-app verifications

Minimise revenue risk by making sure discounted mobile tickets can only be bought and used by those you decide are eligible, as demonstrated at Brighton & Hove Buses.

Cardiff Bus' logo on an orange background, featuring a yellow dragon's head

9th Nov 2023


Cardiff Bus signs a third 3-year contract

Passenger and Cardiff Bus to continue working together to deliver top quality tech for users.

Purple Reading Bus

31st Oct 2023


Keeping track of taps & caps with Reading Buses

As contactless capping roles out at pace across the country, we’re pleased to offer innovative customer experience solutions which help riders track how much they’re spending - and saving!

Stacked journey planning summary cards

26th Oct 2023

Product news

Faster access to detailed journey plan information for customers

Passenger’s latest app release helps customers better understand the details of potential journeys, building on learnings from its Department for Transport backed Safe Walking Routes research.

New teal/turquoise logo for Brighton & Hove Buses

24th Oct 2023

Product news

Maximising investment in brand differentiation

We help our customers intelligently deliver their brand refresh with high-standard, all-inclusive support - for a new era of bus travel.

19th Oct 2023

Product news

Tap On, Tap Off, fare cap progress app update released

Demystifying fare cap charges and nudging customers to make more of their journeys by bus.

Glasgow Tripper illustration showing a mobile phone with the Glasgow Tripper logo on the screen

17th Oct 2023

Product news

Multi-operator ticket acceptance on mobile enabled by combined validation approach

Passenger’s mobile ticket design benefits from a dual approach to on-bus validation, making it possible for the new Glasgow Tripper to roll out on mobile in a multi-operator scheme that includes a variety of on-bus ticket machine suppliers.

A man standing alone at a bus stop in the dark. The bus stop is some light.

6th Oct 2023


How could you put me in that position?

Balancing the complexity of actual and perceived safety for passengers.

3 people working at desks in an office

28th Sep 2023


Passenger achieves ISO 27001 information security accreditation

Underlining our long-standing commitment to data security the certification is a significant milestone in our journey.

World Car Free Day discount advert for Southern Vectis

22nd Sep 2023


Leveraging discount codes to promote mobile tickets for special events

Boosting participation in events like World Car Free Day and Catch the Bus Month and promoting the use of public transport, using discount codes for mobile bus tickets can be a powerful strategy.

A road sign at a bus stop showing

20th Sep 2023

Product news

Unlocking dwell time with shift between contactless models

How stakeholder engagement and partnership technology development can unlock the desired transition between contactless models.

16th Aug 2023


NIBS buses launch Passenger QR on TransMach ticket machines

Following the launch of its own mobile ticketing QR schema in April, today Passenger announces its second successful rollout with smart ticketing specialist, TransMach, for local bus operator NIBS buses.

A digital sign at a bus stop shelter showing the a Government poster promoting the Help for Households scheme.

30th Jun 2023


Behind the scenes of the £2 fare cap on mobile

For some bus operators, today marks the last day of their participation in the DfT’s ‘Get Around for £2’ scheme. For those that have stayed, Passenger has been supporting the invisible updates required on mobile to keep things moving for customers.

L to R: Rob Crawford, Financial Director at Coach Services with Chris Desborough, Customer Success Manager at Passenger

28th Jun 2023


Coach Services goes live with Passenger QR on TransMach ticket machines

Passenger announces its first successful rollout with smart ticketing specialist, TransMach, for local bus operator Coach Services in Norfolk. 

Close up of two people outside. Both are holding smartphones.

22nd Jun 2023

Product news

Thames Valley blaze trail with fraud reduction through app verifications

Bracknell-based Thames Valley Buses has recently added Passenger’s verification service to its highly regarded mobile ticketing app. The results have made it an easy decision for its parent company, Reading Buses, to adopt the solution too.

Musician Harry Styles sitting on top of a giant inflatable ball

21st Jun 2023


Harry Styles and Bruce Springsteen drive app downloads for Edinburgh Trams

When big names play at Murrayfield Stadium the demand for Edinburgh’s tram is huge. Helping travellers access tickets before they reach crowded tram stops has been a key strategy in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for concert-goers.

People Walking on Street Near Brown Concrete Building

6th Jun 2023

Product news

Safe walking routes research project gets underway

Passenger announces new research project into user expectations around the safety of journey planner walking routes.

8 colourful Reading Buses double-decker buses lined up in the bus depot yard

31st May 2023


Easing the transition between contactless models

Passenger's Contactless Journeys capability goes live for Reading Buses, enabling customers to view the bus tickets they have bought from the driver and supporting plans to launch contactless Tap On, Tap Off later this year.

A moving tram in Edinburgh photographed from the side, with Edinburgh Castle in the background

31st May 2023


Edinburgh Trams ET App shortlisted for Scottish Transport Award 2023

Operator amongst the frontrunners for Excellence in Travel Information and Marketing Award, with its ‘ET’ mobile ticketing app from Passenger.

A 99 ice cream is held up in front of a view of a pier stretching out from a beach into the sea. There are Union Jack flags all along the pier.

30th May 2023


Seaside routes serving a quintessentially British beach experience

As we enter the start of the summer season, “99” services are appearing on the coastal shores of the UK, all the way from Cardiff Bay to Great Yarmouth.

People waiting at a bus stop chatting

23rd May 2023


Connexion’s bus tickets now available online with myTrip

Using myTrip to power its new website has opened up more ways for parents, students and regular passengers to buy their bus tickets with Yorkshire-based Connexions.

Young woman is standing on the bus using the phone and smiling.

2nd May 2023


Announcing the Passenger QR schema

A modern mobile ticketing QR schema, using the latest cryptographic technologies, that can be adopted by electronic ticket machine providers to offer secure QR scanning capability for digital tickets.

Beryl bike dock at Watford Town Hall

24th Apr 2023


Watford micromobility integration launched for Intalink

Increasing micromobility scheme awareness in Hertfordshire by cross-promoting real-time journey options to bus riders.

Next stop display on the Traws Cymru T1 bus

13th Apr 2023


Cardiff Bus and TrawsCymru apps rated highly in Bus Users UK accessibility research

New research from Bus Users UK in Wales rates Cardiff Bus and TrawsCymru apps from Passenger with 99% scores overall and hails the results as 'extremely encouraging'.

Vectare advert promoting live tracking in myTrip

28th Mar 2023


Vectare investing in the highest quality digital tools with myTrip

Vectare has recently launched a new integrated eCommerce website for its local bus, DRT and school bus services on the myTrip platform.

Plymouth Citybus Beryl illustration

24th Mar 2023


E-bikes cross promoted to bus travellers by Plymouth Citybus

Following their launch in Plymouth this month, travellers can now see Beryl e-bike locations when planning their bus journeys with the Plymouth Citybus app and website.

Operator marketing pack graphics being developed by a designer at Passenger

17th Mar 2023

Product news

Supporting myTrip operator marketing with new collateral

The latest update to our myTrip Operator Marketing Pack sees the addition of new graphics for social media, making the pack even more helpful in spreading the mobile ticketing word.

Photo by Uriel Mont: Focused black woman using smartphone on sunny spring street

15th Mar 2023

Product news

Reducing friction with in-app customer verification updates

The latest additions to Passenger’s in-app verification service, make it easier for more customers to quickly access tickets and travel by bus with their smartphone.

14th Feb 2023


Micromobility integration with Beryl for Konectbus

Riders in Norwich can now see bike, e-bike and e-scooter locations when planning their bus journeys with the Konectbus app and website.

Crop woman in warm jacket using smartphone in street

9th Feb 2023

Product news

Platform mapping architecture upgrades across web, iOS and Android

As networks get larger, offer more travel options and attract more users, we’ve released some updates to ensure that riders can quickly understand the areas and routes covered when planning their journeys.

Bus passengers on a Transdev bus holding large images of the Transdev Go app. They are all smiling at the camera.

8th Feb 2023


Transdev celebrates fast growing customer numbers on mobile

Transdev Go, Transdev’s mobile app from Passenger, reaches 100k Monthly Active Users for the first time with more people getting their tickets via the app over any other form of payment.

Young girl listening to music on a bus

29th Dec 2022

Product news

Making ticket purchase easier for new customers

Giving more information up front to the new customers that are attracted to use the bus for the first time over the coming months.

2022 A year in review

23rd Dec 2022

Passenger team

2022 in review

It has been a rollercoaster of a year in so many ways, but as 2022 comes to a close we wanted to look back at all the good stuff we’ve collaborated on and delivered hand in hand with the bus industry and our partners.

Man in an office on a video call to a woman using a laptop

22nd Dec 2022

Product news

New ticketing flexibility for hybrid work patterns

We’ve been working to enhance our ticketing capabilities to support bus operators in offering ticket products for hybrid working travel patterns - to enable flexible use for the customer, whilst balancing the commercial needs of the operating companies.

An e-scooter handlebars close up in the dark.

21st Dec 2022


Increasing women’s safety after dark with e-scooters

E-scooters have a role to play in increasing women’s safety after dark. When located near bus stops they can make the last leg of a bus journey feel safer by replacing the walk home.

Two double decker Brighton & Hove Buses outside Brighton railway station

19th Dec 2022

Product news

£2 fare cap now available to operators on mobile apps

Passenger is pleased to announce support for operators that wish to sell £2 capped tickets on their mobile ticketing apps.

Whippet double decker bus in Cambridge

9th Dec 2022


myTrip operators add former Stagecoach routes

Customers who previously used Stagecoach’s mobile ticketing app to buy their tickets are now able to do so for A2B Travel, Dews Coaches, Stephensons, Vectare and Whippet on the myTrip app.

Map illustration showing Bluestar and Beryl icons

8th Dec 2022


Beryl added to Bluestar and Unilink apps and websites

Riders in Southampton can now see Beryl bike locations when planning their bus journeys with the Bluestar and Unilink apps and websites.

Green and yellow Xplore Dundee bus travelling down a road.

30th Nov 2022


Xplore Dundee steps up contactless customer experience

Xplore Dundee has successfully gone live with Passenger’s Contactless Journeys capability, supporting the launch of contactless daily capping.

An older, fashionable lady sitting at the back of a busy single decker bus.

29th Nov 2022

Product news

Mobile tickets and the DfT-backed £2 fare cap

With firmer guidance from the Department for Transport (DfT) on the Bus Fare Cap Grant (BFCG) scheme, we dig in to understand the scheme and the challenges it might create.

The front of two double decker metrobus buses parked next to each other

24th Nov 2022

Product news

Increasing customer confidence for multi-operator contactless

Our latest Contactless Journeys update aims to give increased visibility to customers about the operators they have travelled with.

Person wearing gloves holding a cellphone

10th Nov 2022


Should bus operators offer Buy Now, Pay Later?

In the first half of 2022 over £5.6bn was spent using Buy Now, Pay Later. We explore why is it so popular and whether bus companies should adopt the payment option.

3 people sitting and laughing together indoors

30th Oct 2022


Transport for Wales unveils new app with Passenger

Passenger and Transport for Wales have launched a new TrawsCymru app as an important part of its effort to improve access to bus travel throughout Wales.

The Passenger team celebrating at their HQ in Bournemouth

28th Oct 2022


Passenger’s myTrip multi-operator app turns two!

As myTrip celebrates its two-year anniversary, the Passenger team gathers to celebrate the fantastic journey so far.

Illustration showing Contactless Journeys capability

24th Oct 2022

Product news

Expenses export added to Contactless Journeys capability

Riders are now able to export their journeys and charges to a PDF, so they can easily submit expenses to their employer.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

23rd Oct 2022

Passenger team

Passenger’s deep learning research with Bournemouth University

Our doctoral research work with Bournemouth University into the development of novel deep-learning methods for the prediction of arrival times in urban bus networks.

3 young people standing beside yellow Beryl bikes, in front of a tram in Manchester

12th Oct 2022


Passenger extends micromobility integration to Manchester’s Bee Network bikes

Riders in Manchester can now see bike locations when planning their bus journeys with the Go North West app and website.

Five double decker Blackpool Transport buses in a row

30th Sep 2022


Blackpool goes live with multi-modal contactless journeys portal

Blackpool Transport has successfully gone live with Passenger’s new Contactless Journeys capability across its bus and tram network.

Bosses at McGill's stand in front of a stationary McGill's bus.

26th Sep 2022


Moving quickly to support McGill’s growth

A key partner to McGill’s, technology provider Passenger, has launched the newly acquired operation on its industry-leading Passenger Cloud customer experience platform, as it unveils the new digital offer to customers under the new McGill’s Scotland East branding.

Mobile device home screen showing apps

23rd Sep 2022


Passenger Transport’s app rating analysis – the lesson is simple

After 3 pandemic-filled years, Passenger Transport magazine has revisited its review of UK public transport apps, following its inaugural 2019 report.

Man stepping onto a bus

1st Sep 2022


Saving 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions

It’s Catch the Bus Month! Passenger is celebrating the vital lifeline that improves air quality, reduces congestion, brings communities together and provides access to life’s opportunities.

Superpedestrian e-scooter located in Nottingham

31st Aug 2022

Product news

Helping promote active travel through micromobility

Recent technology improvements to Passenger’s bike share service infrastructure have resulted in more reliable and scalable support for micromobility schemes.

Temporary bus stop - a planned network change

27th Aug 2022

Product news

Highlighting service changes to riders in advance

With the new network changes module, Passenger offers an improved rider experience for communicating planned changes.

A box containing notebook, pencils, resuable waterbottle, a lego set of a London bus and stickers.

19th Jul 2022

Passenger team

Welcome aboard! Connecting with our company culture

Passenger wanted to invest more into its staff onboarding experience to help show appreciation and create a connected culture.

Two double decker buses parked outside an old building in Oxford

4th Jul 2022


Contactless Journeys launch for Oxford Bus Company

Show riders they've paid the best value fare based on the journeys they’ve made - all within a familiar app interface.

30th Jun 2022

Passenger team

The platform view from AWS 2022

When AWS share ways to deliver software at scale, Passenger are listening in so you can be always confident in our tech.

29th Jun 2022

Product news

Introducing Contactless Journeys on mobile

Passenger’s contactless journeys portal gives riders visibility of the benefits and value of travelling by bus and being able to pay in the easiest and most convenient way.

A Coach Services bus parked in a bus depo.

23rd Jun 2022


Coach Services launch new tech to boost public transport uptake

Coach Services partner with Passenger and launch a new myTrip website to inspire more people to use local bus services.

A beach with the sun setting a nd birds flying through the clear air

16th Jun 2022

Passenger team

Changing habits for Clean Air Day

Changing collective habits is key to a more sustainable future - a fact worth remembering on Clean Air Day 2022.

Person standing on a bus holding a phone, with headphones on. They are smiling.

8th Jun 2022

Product news

Passenger launches app subscription capability

The latest addition to a portfolio of tools to address the opportunities presented by the National Bus Strategy.

7th Jun 2022

Passenger team

What’s new: WWDC 2022

Apple has major software and hardware updates lined up for 2022 and some intriguing new tools with exciting potential for app developers.

23rd May 2022


McGill’s inspires uptake with Passenger tech

Scotland’s largest independent bus company launches stage two of its digital transformation.

Bus passenger waiting for their bus

20th May 2022

Product news

Money saving, noise-making, user-friendly ways to increase ridership

Communicate the most cost-efficient ways to travel with subscription deals and promotional opportunities.

18th May 2022

Passenger team

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Head of Product Greg Hepworth explains the importance of creating a more equitable and inclusive world.

13th May 2022

Passenger team

Getting onboard with Passenger

Never underestimate the importance of shared values when you plan your next career move - insights from an employee.

12th May 2022

Product news

Google I/O 2022 – Pixel 6a, Android 13 and all the big announcements

'Innovation in the Open’ at Google’s annual developer conference and exciting possibilities for transport technology.

6th May 2022

Passenger team

Walk this May 2022

In support of Living Streets and National Walking Month, Passenger staff are making their way through a 2,485-mile trek, cycle and swim.

Green Traws Cymru bus on a Welsh country lane

14th Apr 2022


Transport for Wales and Passenger to unify bus travel across the country

Passenger's major new partnership will deliver a new bus app and website for the TrawsCymru long-distance bus network.

A person smiling on a bus with a phone in their hand.

7th Apr 2022

Making Passenger

Standardised systems are the key to accurate information

Working in silos is not an option: How standardised systems are key to boosting patronage on public transport.

Person using their phone by a bus stop

28th Mar 2022

Product news

Boost operator visibility with third-party ticketing capability

Reach more riders through third-party applications hosting ticket purchase links. 

16th Mar 2022

Making Passenger

Our brand story

Hear the story, see the inspiration, watch the video.

Contactless Journeys technology in use on a bus

16th Mar 2022

Product news

Unified, real-time, proactive insights for riders

Riders using contactless can view past journeys and how much they were charged every step of the way.

Hands holding a mobile phone and a bank payment card.

23rd Feb 2022


Passenger and Littlepay team up for a complete contactless experience

Transport operators will be able to offer their users the real time payments information that they want and need.

16th Feb 2022

Passenger team

Refresh, rebrand, reimagine – Our new home for Passenger

Nothing compares with being together. Passenger staff work remotely or in a stunning shared workspace.

Blue wall with bicycle graffiti

27th Jan 2022

Passenger team

A critical priority shift – UK Highway Code changes

Amendments to The Highway Code, including the hierarchy of road-users and the 'Dutch Reach' are set to change from 29th January 2022.

11th Jan 2022

Making Passenger

A new year, a new NaPTAN!

Passenger Technology Group will start processing data from the new NaPTAN service for Stops data from the 11th January 2022.

24th Dec 2021

Passenger team

Introducing the ‘PSIP’ – Our pledge for 2022

A look back at 2021, and introducing our 'Passenger Service Improvement Plan' - our pledge for the year ahead and beyond.

22nd Dec 2021

Making Passenger

Adopting Codable

Building industry-leading apps, tools and features by creating and maintaining modular infrastructure that reduces boilerplate, improves performance and meets the demands of a rapidly growing product.

17th Dec 2021

Product news

Service disruptions – Giving users the information they need

Accurate information will help make public transport the first choice. We already offer an efficient disruption management tool - but what’s next?

15th Dec 2021

Product news

Supporting operators amid driver shortages with RTI

Passenger’s cancellations and real time tracking offers the most accurate journey planning solution on the market.

2nd Dec 2021

Product news

Empowering passengers with intelligent journey planning

By using multiple live data feeds, users can be shown when bus times are impacted by late-running or cancelled services.

9th Nov 2021


Passenger extends its bike-share integration to South West’s Co Bikes

Travellers in Falmouth can now see e-bike locations when planning their journeys with the Go Cornwall app and website.

UK App Awards Winner graphic

4th Nov 2021


myTrip wins UK App Awards ‘Travel App of the Year’

“myTrip definitely hits the mark as a travel app, with its overall mission, holistic approach to implementation and focus on accessibility”.

Person stepping onto a bus holding a mobile ohone in their hand.

25th Oct 2021


Go-Ahead Group unveil new Passenger-powered websites

Delivering a joined-up customer experience across multiple technology platforms, Go-Ahead is leading the way in making public transport more appealing, convenient and reliable.

22nd Oct 2021

Passenger team

BSIPs, Enhanced Partnerships and Journey Planning

Passenger's experience helps them deliver county-wide journey planning and real-time information tools needed to meet the objectives of the NBS.

20th Oct 2021

Passenger team

Pixel Fall Launch 2021 – Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Android 12

The Pixel Fall Launch revealed the highly anticipated Made by Google smartphones -including the new Tensor chip and Android 12.

7th Oct 2021

Making Passenger

Curating exceptional customer experience

How and why Passenger is continually investing in the customer experience to build and nurture relationships.

30th Sep 2021


Happy first birthday to myTrip!

As myTrip celebrates its one-year anniversary, it’s inspiring to see the positive difference it has made - getting people moving and connecting communities.

22nd Sep 2021

Passenger team

Travel local for Car Free Day 2021

On World Car Free Day, Passenger encourages motorists to consider using shared sustainable transport options to get around.

A road leading to the mountains

15th Sep 2021

Passenger team

California Streaming with Apple – September 2021

Passenger has been preparing for the new Apple releases since June this year, so your app is in great hands.

10 of our staff collecting litter on Alum Chine beach in Bournemouth

10th Sep 2021

Passenger team

Passenger staff help with local beach clean

Passenger spent an afternoon helping remove litter from Alum Chine Beach in collaboration with BCP Council’s Leave Only Footprints campaign.

3rd Sep 2021


Passenger celebrates 50th myTrip operator

Safeguard Coaches becomes the 50th operator to benefit from Passenger’s affordable digital ticketing and bus tracking solution.

25th Aug 2021


Passenger launch discount codes capability

Drive increased new user acquisition and revenue through discount code powered marketing campaigns and promotional activities.

Vintage Cardiff Bus

20th Aug 2021


Cardiff Bus rebrands ahead of 120th anniversary

Cardiff Bus celebrates its 120th anniversary next year, with the new design giving the operator a refreshed, modern look.

18th Aug 2021

Product news

Carnet tickets – The future is flexible

Transport technology company reveals carnet tickets are now the best-selling for operators.

13th Aug 2021


Warrington’s Own Buses enhances services with new website and app

In addition to live bus tracking, web-to-mobile eCommerce means travellers can access website purchased tickets in app.

11th Aug 2021

Product news

It’s time to enter the Travel Portal

Discover a secure eCommerce system to sell and distribute to businesses, organisations, schools and beyond.

Young girl standing at a bus stop in the city

22nd Jul 2021

Passenger team

Making shared public transport the first choice

How Passenger is bringing operators together to achieve the ambitious vision set out in the National Bus Strategy.

15th Jul 2021


Innovation Forum 2021 update

Passenger is more than just a product. Get the engagement you need to help make shared sustainable transport the first choice for your users.

12th Jul 2021

Passenger team

The Way We Move – 24 hours of AVL data

Animated heatmaps showing 24-hours of AVL data tracking buses on Passenger's myTrip platform.

Person holding a mobile phone up with a sunset behind them

9th Jul 2021

Product news

Verifications service – a better way to get moving

A fast, reliable, accessible way to verify users, reduce operating costs and increase customer loyalty.

Metrobus single decker bus decorated with the slogan 'Keeping you connected around town'

28th Jun 2021


Go-Ahead Group launch 17 apps with Passenger

Easy ticket purchase and real-time journey information, with live departure boards and the ability to check bus capacity.

Phone on a desk showing a lock screen

17th Jun 2021

Product news

Password perfection – Keeping users safe

How to keep ahead of changing security developments and ensure best practices in all processes.

11th Jun 2021

Passenger team

What’s new: WWDC and Google I/O 2021

Apple and Google have major software updates releasing in 2021 and some intriguing new tools with exciting potential

8th Jun 2021

Product news

Rolling out watch apps for Premium customers

The commitment to sustainability and active travel continues with watch apps now included as standard for all Premium customers.

A smiling woman wearing a cycle helmet pushing a Beryl EScooter in a park

18th May 2021


Eco-friendly ways to complete journeys

Micro-mobility integrations help to replace more short car journeys, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

A map with a camera and open notebook laying on top.

12th May 2021

Passenger team

Passenger fuels a sense of adventure with staff benefits

The Passenger team share stories of adventures made possible thanks to a unique employee benefit.

McColls bus travelling down a suburban street

4th May 2021


An affordable website solution for smaller bus operators

Passenger, the UK’s top-rated public transport app provider is enhancing its support for the UK’s smaller bus operators with myTrip websites.

Newport Bus electric bus travelling down a road lined with flowers.

21st Apr 2021


Passenger partners with Newport Bus

A new journey planning website has been launched to help bus users in Newport, Wales to travel with confidence.

A now of brightly coloured metal keys

15th Apr 2021

Making Passenger

Passenger fully SCA compliant ahead of upcoming deadline

At the forefront of security and e-commerce development, Passenger deliver exceptional user experiences separating them from industry competitors.

A wall covered in bright paint splatters revealing the word 'Together'

13th Apr 2021

Passenger team

Together stronger: the strength of collective knowledge

Working with a large number of operators helps Passenger uncover inconsistencies, unpick complexities and continually innovate.

Blackpool Transport Bus & Tram driving along a road.

9th Apr 2021


Blackpool Transport sign new 3-year contract with Passenger

Delivering transport technology solutions and innovations to bus and tram users on the Lancashire coast.

Brightly coloured street art style painting of hands reaching out

29th Mar 2021

Passenger team

Championing Accessibility – It’s everyone’s journey …

It’s time to challenge established practices for everyone's benefit. Kickstart change and prioritise accessibility with our 3-step guide!

Green and yellow Xplore Dundee bus travelling down a road.

24th Mar 2021


Passenger launch new Xplore Dundee website

Riders can now purchase tickets from the website that will instantly appear in their app to activate and use.

Silhouette of a person looking up into the sky at night.

22nd Mar 2021

Passenger team

Ask engineers “What do you hate doing?”

Every organisation strives for excellence in its work. To get there, make sure how you create is just as considered as what you create.

Man cycling down a sunny street

10th Mar 2021

Product news

A bus journey is an active travel journey

Travelling actively to and from a bus stop has physical and mental health benefits, and fewer car journeys of any length improve our environment. It’s time to embed positive travel habits.

8th Mar 2021

Passenger team

Attract diverse talent & address the gender divide post-Covid

Women are 47% of the UK workforce, yet account for only 20% of transport sector workers. On IWD21, Passenger explain why they #ChooseToChallenge from within.

People interacting with a laptop

2nd Mar 2021


Bitesize Innovation Forums for 2021

Our new programme of online forums for learning, sharing and shaping updates to the Passenger Premium product roadmap.

Go North East bus pained in rainbow colours under a large silver building

25th Feb 2021


Passenger announces five-year partnership with the Go-Ahead Group

UK technology company Passenger set to bring cutting edge transport technology to Go-Ahead operators. 

Up arrows painted on a wooden background

19th Feb 2021

Passenger team

Drive success with multiple sales touchpoints

A successful customer journey is rarely a direct route but increasing visibility boosts sales and positive sentiment.

A row of Blackpool Transport buses under a blue summer sky.

16th Feb 2021


Supporting operators to build back better in 2021

How Passenger is ensuring operators can build back better with confidence and ease.

5th Feb 2021

Making Passenger

A day in the life of bus tracking data

In our inherently visual world, images speak louder than words. Distilling buses’ live location data into beautifully animated heatmaps.

Close up of the front of an Xplore Dundee bus, showing a rainbow graphic

2nd Feb 2021


Passenger launch Xplore Dundee mobile app

New Xplore Dundee app lets bus users plan and pay for their journeys safely and securely.

1st Feb 2021

Product news

What’s in a name? Everything.

Adults and children anthropomorphise objects by giving them names - here’s what it could mean for public transport operations.

25th Jan 2021

Passenger team

Retiring Bus Stop Checker

What was Passenger's Bus Stop Checker, what did it achieve and why was it time to take it out of service?

22nd Jan 2021

Passenger team

What we learned when Tom spent 24 hours in his attic

The importance of public transport access in building healthy, happy communities cannot be forgotten.

20th Jan 2021

Product news

myTrip helps bus operators comply with BODS regulations

Technology company Passenger offers a simple and efficient way for smaller operators to comply with BODS regulations.

12th Jan 2021


All York’s independent bus operators on myTrip

Bus users can track vehicles and buy tickets for all of York’s independent bus operators on one app.

23rd Dec 2020

Passenger team

2020 – A year to forget or one to remember?

2020 saw huge steps forward in digital transformation. Let's keep going and building back better for each other.

23rd Dec 2020

Product news

Interactive fleet list feature on Passenger websites

See all the vehicles in an operator fleet in real-time on this brand new map feature.

10th Dec 2020

Product news

Passenger launch AVL service alongside TransXchange hosting for BODS

Transport technology company Passenger becomes an official agent and data supplier for the Bus Open Data Service.

9th Dec 2020


Passenger join BCP Council Smart Place Consortium

Passenger are proud to be part of the new Challenge Platform, helping to find and deliver digital solutions to problems faced in the conurbation.

27th Nov 2020


Yellow Buses sign a new 4-year contract with Passenger

Bournemouth bus company look forward to another four years working with the UK’s leading digital transport services provider.

20th Nov 2020

Making Passenger

Coaches and minibuses added to vehicle tracking

New coach and minibus icons will help users easily identify the vehicles they are tracking.

9th Nov 2020

Product news

Reading Buses pause tickets during lockdown

Following the Government decision to lockdown England until 2 December, Reading Buses users are given the option to pause active tickets.

6th Nov 2020


Cardiff Bus sign a new 3-year contract

Passenger and Cardiff Bus continue bringing cutting edge transport technology developments to users.

26th Oct 2020

Product news

Pausing Cardiff Bus tickets in Welsh lockdown

Following the Welsh Government announcement of a national lockdown until 9 November, Cardiff Bus app users are given the option to freeze their tickets.

19th Oct 2020


New vehicle tracking display enhancements

A new app update for Premium and myTrip customers will help users easily identify the vehicles they are tracking.

7th Oct 2020

Making Passenger

UK-wide location search for myTrip

How solving new challenges for myTrip is already having a positive impact on the data infrastructure for every customer on the Passenger platform.

23rd Sep 2020

Product news

Our industry, your future, myTrip

Introducing myTrip - a national app solution at an affordable price for smaller operators to add mobile ticketing and live bus tracking to their customer experience.

16th Sep 2020

Passenger team

Improving accessibility by dropping support for IE

At Passenger, we’re constantly striving to make the most of the web as an accessible platform for delivering timely information to those that need it.

17th Aug 2020

Product news

Introducing myTrip – version 1

One of our biggest objectives is to help smaller operators rebuild as quickly as possible after the events of the last few months, so we’re making myTrip public sooner rather than later.

5th Aug 2020

Making Passenger

Investing in knowledge pays the best interest

Nothing should stand in the way of people being able to understand the conversations around transport data. As digital opportunities open up - what will you learn today?

16th Jul 2020

Product news

Passenger rolls out Strong Customer Authentication compliance

At the forefront of security and e-commerce development, Passenger deliver exceptional user experiences separating them from industry competitors.

13th Jul 2020

Passenger team

Passenger’s Bus Stop Checker data quality tools now open source

As the DfT begins its journey to review and redesign NaPTAN, we’re open-sourcing our Bus Stop Checker tool to help build back greener.

13th Jul 2020

Making Passenger podcast

What’s the biggest enabler of transport innovation today?

An R&D project in 2018 led Passenger to meeting Giuseppe Sollazzo. With NaPTAN undergoing a redesign, we caught up with him to find out more.

3rd Jul 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Let’s start using space for people rather than for cars

Conflicts engineered by the way we build our streets, how to get transport modes to function amicably together and the impact of private cars on our roads.

29th Jun 2020

Product news

myTrip: Supporting safe social distancing & travel on every UK bus

New mobile app myTrip will boost customer confidence as they return to travel.

15th Jun 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Multiple passenger counting data sources are the key to accuracy

Streams of crowdsourced information alongside passenger counting from hardware suppliers creates a qualitative picture of live occupancy.

10th Jun 2020

Product news

Live vehicle occupancy information rolls out for Passenger customers

Using technology to reassure passengers about their safety and boost passenger confidence across the UK.

8th Jun 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Advocacy is Everything – Understanding the Transdev Ethos

How buses are delivering a real and essential public service - perhaps now more than ever.

29th May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

How can we start living differently?

Can we change the way cities are built and run, to remove dependence on private car ownership?

25th May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Do it, Don’t drive it!

How Beryl's bike-share schemes make active travellers out of car drivers.

15th May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Lifestyle is a commitment to a habit…

...and we need public transport to be the default habit.

15th May 2020

Product news

Harnessing data to fight the spread of COVID-19

Passenger is working at pace with Government and industry colleagues to give users the information they need to safely plan journeys.

A row of nextbikes in cardiff city centre

13th May 2020

Product news

Creating travel choices in our cities

Cardiff Bus’ customers will be able to seamlessly travel around the city thanks to a collaboration between leading bike-share operator nextbike, Cardiff Bus and Passenger.

8th May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Mobile phones are the key to mobility

Public transport users need to feel more in control than ever when travel restrictions begin to lift.

1st May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Back to the future for the bike

Cycling plays an important part in how we travel around towns and cities - and its popularity has bloomed during the current health crisis.

30th Apr 2020

Product news

Passenger provides new hosted data to BODS

To support bus operators in publishing data to BODS in time to meet upcoming regulations, Passenger has launched a new hosted service.

Bournemouth high street drawn with cyclists and buses

28th Apr 2020

Passenger team

Shaping cities in a post-COVID 19 landscape

When COVID-19 hit, the world pushed pause. Industry, economies and the environment have all been affected, with the transport sector seeing an overnight reduction in travel.

24th Apr 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Passenger put people first, always.

Lockdown has given us an unexpected chance to have and share conversations with some fantastic industry colleagues.

22nd Apr 2020


Go North East keeps moving with website launch

New websites delivered ahead of schedule as bus operators make sure their users are given the best possible tools for planning their essential travel.

A wooden board with dates and number

15th Apr 2020

Making Passenger

The best data is simple data

Service alterations for bank holidays used to be some of the most complex changes network operators made. With UK timetables in flux, data exchange formats should be under close watch.

9th Apr 2020


Passenger & Ticketer join forces to keep the country moving

Taking a look at transport through the lens of the pandemic, we work alongside operators and suppliers to get real-times data to bus users.

Geometric map of the world

2nd Apr 2020

Product news

Keeping communities connected throughout COVID-19

How Passenger are supporting bus operators and responding to Coronavirus directives in the UK

19th Mar 2020


NCT sign a new 3-year contract with Passenger

Nottingham City Transport has renewed its contract and is looking forward to another three years working with the UK’s leading digital transport services provider.

12th Mar 2020

Product news

The platform that moves with you

Technology that enables staff to work remotely is now in the spotlight. Passenger Cloud is keeping bus operators all over the UK up-to-date in a fast-changing situation.

10th Mar 2020


Hertfordshire County Council awards Intalink website

Passenger will lead the delivery of a new county-wide journey planning and real-time information website across more than 25 operators.

6th Mar 2020

Making Passenger

Preparing for Dark Mode

How we restructured our theming functionality to allow us to bring dark mode to Passenger apps.

3rd Mar 2020

Product news

In-app verification changing student bus travel

Passenger’s new verifications provide a transformational customer experience, allowing the purchase of restricted tickets entirely through an operator’s app.

26th Feb 2020


DfT’s Bus Open Data Service launches with Passenger Cloud data

To help operators meet new legal requirements, Passenger have released updates to allow TransXChange data to automatically upload directly to BODS.

21st Feb 2020


Passenger launch new app for Thames Valley Buses

A new app has been launched as an addition to the existing Passenger website for Berkshire operators.

Transport Ticketing Global exhibition hall

22nd Jan 2020

Product news

Passenger launches in-app verification at Transport Ticketing 2020

Reduce operating costs and increase the engagement of loyal customers. A smart new in-app ID verification service will be unveiled by Passenger in London next week.

Elevation data for Passenger customer Transdev

27th Dec 2019

Making Passenger

Experimenting with open elevation data for journey accessibility

As the DfT ramps up publicity for its new Bus Open Data Digital Service, we share our experiments with open elevation data.

Beryl Bike close up against a brick wall

16th Dec 2019

Product news

Beryl bikes and bays available alongside South East Dorset bus info

Today sees the launch of Beryl bike and bay locations on websites of local bus companies: Morebus, Unibus and Yellow Buses. Yellow Buses also shows these in its app!

26th Nov 2019

Product news

Working with TfN to improve disruption information

TfN’s Customer Information Innovation event was the perfect opportunity to share our plans to enhance the information available to customers when something goes wrong.

Large sale sign in a shop window

20th Nov 2019

Product news

Making the most of the Black Friday sales frenzy

Black Friday signals the start of a high-stakes, retail season. This article shares ideas on how to make the most of the sales events.

14th Nov 2019

Making Passenger

Better, faster, stronger – Latest journey planner updates

A move to AWS Batch to run computing jobs for Passenger’s journey planner functionality. More resilient, scalable and less resource-intensive system - even during increased demand.

24th Oct 2019

Product news

New Dark Mode for Passenger apps

Passenger reveals a new app update for all Professional and Premium customers, to help users to feel safer using their smartphones in the dark.

Hand holding a phone directly in front, travelling on public transport

15th Oct 2019

Making Passenger

Building scale resilience into our m-ticketing servers

Switching our servers over to Amazon Web Service’s RDS has made Passenger’s mobile ticketing service more resilient to any potential outages.

iPhone on a table showing home screen icons

27th Sep 2019

Passenger team

You don’t have a brand if it’s not on your customer’s home screen

It’s more essential than ever for operators to own their future, or risk the slippery slope towards becoming a commodity.

Coach & Bus 2019

27th Sep 2019

Passenger team

Passenger to demo top-rated apps at Coach & Bus UK next week

The team from Passenger will be exhibiting at Coach & Bus UK from 2-3rd October at the NEC Birmingham.

24th Sep 2019

Product news

Migrating smoothly from an existing mobile app provider

This article shares our approach to onboarding a new operator into the Passenger ecosystem and how all active customers, and their tickets, are transitioned smoothly.

photo of phone displaying apps

17th Sep 2019

Product news

Passenger named UK top-rated public transport app provider

Passenger Transport magazine’s exposé of UK public transport apps reveals Passenger-powered apps are amongst the best available.

5th Sep 2019


Passenger launches new online eCommerce capability with Transdev

Today, Passenger announces the launch of a brand new multi-operator website for Transdev Blazefield, a web-based eCommerce solution including new mobile ticket subscriptions.

3rd Sep 2019

Product news

Passenger shortlisted for TRANStech Open Data award

Passenger has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Open Data Impact Award at the inaugural TRANStech Awards. The TRANStech ‘Impact Awards’ reward how the use of technology makes transport better.

29th Aug 2019


East Yorkshire website gets Passenger re-launch

East Yorkshire’s new Passenger website launched, one week ahead of schedule. As well as being packed with features, the new website is already saving the EY team valuable time.

22nd Aug 2019

Product news

Operators and authorities embrace active travel with latest app tech

Public transport plays a massive part in active travel, as some journeys are too long a distance to replace with walking and cycling alone.

16th Aug 2019

Product news

Black Friday, School Terms or Festivals? Using a fixed date ticket.

Passenger mobile app operators can now sell tickets with a fixed start and end date, opening up a whole world of possibilities for selling tickets to new audiences.

28th Jul 2019

Making Passenger

Improving infrastructure and applications to keep up with customer growth

As Passenger onboarded new operators, we had to make changes to our infrastructure and applications to support increased traffic, new features and maintain quick response times.

25th Jul 2019

Product news

Why rewarding customers is important

Digital products are constantly changing, yet the art of reciprocity always remains. How rewards improve customer retention and engagement ahead of the new Rewards feature for mobile apps.

blurred photo showing passengers on bus

10th Jul 2019

Passenger team

Why Passenger cares about accessibility

For inclusive transport week, Passenger asks ‘how can travel apps provide a better experience for disabled people?’

27th Jun 2019

Passenger team

AUB win award in Los Angeles following Passenger workshop

network map showing routes in Bournemouth

25th Jun 2019

Product news

Passenger launches Open Data portals for Go-Ahead operators

7th Jun 2019

Product news

Borders Buses make tracking their buses “as easy as ordering pizza”

Passenger and Borders Buses deliver one of the key requests highlighted in the recent Transport Focus research “Making bus a better choice for young people”

31st May 2019


Alexa Voice Assistant is the latest Passenger product to be deployed by Nottingham City Transport

iPhone with large angry emoji

23rd May 2019

Passenger team

The Passenger team share tips and insight on cyber security

local Vectis team holding up mobiles with new website on display, in front of fleet

21st May 2019

Product news

Automated smoothing of Open Street Map data for Southern Vectis

2nd May 2019

Product news

Passenger automates Open Data publishing for bus operators

25th Apr 2019


New accessibility information launches in Blackpool

23rd Apr 2019

Passenger team

Customer acquisition through destination marketing

Operators classically tailor marketing to their existing customer base rather than reaching new audiences through marketing content. Passenger has honed a strategy using 2 key areas for new customer acquisition.

16th Apr 2019

Passenger team

3 weeks until the ALBUM conference begins – will we see you there?

9th Apr 2019

Product news

Passenger Cloud, the purpose built platform for bus digital services

4th Apr 2019

Product news

Destination first: driving mobile ticket sales with high-quality tourist information

1st Apr 2019

Product news

Passenger launches Belfie, the new product for bus-based photography

21st Mar 2019

Product news

Transdev Blazefield – On Passenger Cloud nine

18th Mar 2019


Swindon’s Bus Company launch website on Passenger Cloud platform

14th Mar 2019

Product news

Travel Portal launched for batch ticket distribution

Sell travel to businesses, schools and universities through an easy-to-use operator-branded online portal.

a bus from the perspective of inside sat at the very back

12th Mar 2019

Product news

Passenger Professional m-ticketing launches for smaller bus operators

5th Mar 2019

Making Passenger

Passenger: Through the Eyes of Asher

4th Mar 2019


Passenger launches two new websites for morebus and UNIBUS

Blackpool Transport's new Palladium buses

25th Feb 2019

Product news

Customer story – Blackpool Transport

19th Feb 2019

Making Passenger

Developing an API to Highlight Inaccuracies in UK Open Data

29th Jan 2019

Product news

Increasing customer confidence in buses with vehicle tracking

25th Jan 2019


Customer story – Nottingham City Transport

Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

16th Jan 2019

Product news

Voice technology is integral to the future of bus travel – here’s why

Apple Watch on a work surface next to other devices

8th Jan 2019

Product news

A revolution on your wrist: why Passenger is invested in the smartwatch

31st Dec 2018

Passenger team

2018 Year in Review

18th Dec 2018

Making Passenger

In depth: Doing our bit for the (development) environment with Docker

18th Dec 2018

Making Passenger

Making Passenger: How we’ve recently upgraded our development environments

14th Dec 2018

Announcement Product news

Passenger launches Ticket Gifting

30th Nov 2018

Product news

Customer story – Reading Buses

27th Nov 2018

Passenger team

Passenger Innovation Day 4 breeds new ideas at ODI Leeds

27th Nov 2018

Product news

Passenger adds Google Pay to its suite of Android apps

21st Nov 2018

Product news

Bus Stop Checker – an update on the beta and how the tool works

16th Nov 2018

Product news

Go-Ahead Ireland Passenger launch introduces revenue protection tools and GTFS input support as standard

29th Oct 2018


Introducing Bus Stop Checker – an initiative to improve open data in public transport

26th Oct 2018


Passenger customers nominated for prestigious routeone technology awards

22nd Oct 2018


Meet with Passenger at Euro Bus Expo 2018

22nd Oct 2018


McGill’s Buses launch with Passenger

17th Oct 2018

Product news

Customer story – redefining Borders Buses

11th Oct 2018

Passenger team

Base’s 10th birthday celebration

10th Oct 2018

Passenger team

Meet with Passenger at Smarter Travel Live! 2018

1st Oct 2018

Passenger team

Employment with benefits

We’ve worked to build a company with a great atmosphere and a benefits package that reflects our core values. We audit these benefits annually to make sure we continue to put people first.

19th Sep 2018

Making Passenger

Coding tips & tricks - National Coding Week

18th Sep 2018

Making Passenger

In depth: From Java to Kotlin - the joys of new code

18th Sep 2018

Making Passenger

Improving Passenger: Introducing Kotlin for Android

12th Sep 2018

Passenger team

New hires appointed at Passenger as growth plans continue

7th Sep 2018

Product news

The ease of onboarding and customer migration with Passenger

7th Sep 2018

Making Passenger

5 things we’ve learned (so far) by doubling our engineering team

6th Sep 2018

Product news

Passenger launches revenue data integration with EPM

4th Sep 2018

Product news

Exceeding 99.9% uptime – Passenger’s investment in reliability

18th Jul 2018

Making Passenger

All the databases

1st Apr 2018

Product news

‘Extremely’ Light Rail launch for Passenger

23rd Feb 2018

Passenger team

Small changes, big impact: Our ongoing commitment to accessibility

31st Jan 2018

Making Passenger

Open Data by default

Whether data is the “new oil” or not, it’s beyond doubt that free and unlimited access to Open Data is of great benefit for society.

QR code mobile ticket scanning on bus

31st Jan 2018


Ditch the car, get off the train and try the bus! Borders Buses launch with Passenger

Ticket Vending Machine beside a parked Nottingham City Transport bus

30th Jan 2018

Product news

Checking smart card information using a mobile device

Contactless mobile payment

15th Jan 2018

Passenger team

Understanding the UK Cards Association Contactless Transit models

The subtleties between different contactless payment models can be hard to grasp. We've created an infographic to help.

22nd Dec 2017

Passenger team

2017: Year in Review

19th Dec 2017


“Plan, Buy, Go” mobile app launch for Transdev Blazefield

The bus operating company's multi-brand strategy sees the launch of Transdev Go, an integrated mobile app for their complete network across the North of England.

29th Nov 2017

Product news

Raising the profile of the humble bus

Throughout 2017, Passenger deployments have enabled our customers to promote their businesses in new ways, at a time when shared mass transport is faced with a rapidly evolving future.

18th Oct 2017


Record four week Passenger app deployment for Cardiff Bus

28th Sep 2017


Double “Supplier of the Year” shortlisting

26th Sep 2017

Passenger team

Exploring Mobility-as-a-Service with London Midland Labs rail accelerator

The team at Passenger join London Midland Labs, an accelerator programme for new technology products with a focus on the future of travel and mobility.

18th Sep 2017

Passenger team

How accurate is real-time passenger information?

Making predictions about estimated departure times isn't easy and requires complex algorithms with multiple data sources.

28th Jul 2017

Product news

Why we’re working on an app chatbot

Can a chatbot that doesn't sleep help customer service teams to resolve transport queries in real time? Based on the data we've seen from our Passenger apps, we think so.

18th Jul 2017

Passenger team

Inter-organisational collaboration essential to solve the UK’s complex transport data challenges

Local authority budget cuts are creating new types of inter-organisational collaboration. Attendees at Landor’s Digital Transport Exchange conference agreed "we have run out of money. It's time to start thinking."

6th Jul 2017

Passenger team

Software and transport experts working closely on driverless tech at IMCreate

Autonomous vehicles are no longer science fiction, but that doesn’t mean it’s all figured out. We supported Transport Catapult’s IMCreate to innovate new ideas to help overcome some of the challenges.

27th Jun 2017


Passenger helps to shape Transport for the North’s Data Strategy

We attended the #TravelHack Innovation Day to help shape TfN's data strategy. This was a programme of engagement with industry specialists to improve public transport across the North.

26th Jun 2017

Passenger team

6 reasons why hackathons are so important

23rd Jun 2017

Product news

Understanding real-time passenger information feeds: the SIRI standard

Passengers expect real-time information on their mobile phones, so we integrate the protocol known as SIRI to allow systems to exchange vehicle location and estimated time of arrivals.

25th May 2017

Passenger team

Would you share your mobile location data to improve your bus service?

15th May 2017


Passenger shortlisted for Mobile Innovation of the Year

The Digital Leaders 100 Awards honour 2017's highest achievements, celebrating teams and individuals who are blazing a trail in digital.

24th Apr 2017


Passenger at ALBUM Conference 2017

24th Apr 2017

Passenger team

What makes a successful Account Based Ticketing implementation?

19th Apr 2017


Blackpool Transport launch multi-modal Passenger apps and website

11th Apr 2017


PTG acquires Netescape and popular BusCMS software

Post It Notes

6th Apr 2017


A partner-led strategy that is more than just semantics

4th Apr 2017


East Yorkshire Motor Services launch Passenger apps

3rd Apr 2017

Passenger team

Passenger team lends expertise (and supplies) to Department for Transport hack event

1st Apr 2017

Product news

Passenger is first mobile app ticketing platform to support Britain’s new £1 coin

On April 1st 2017, we are delighted to announce that Passenger will support the new £1 coin as a free update to all our customers.

14th Mar 2017

Passenger team

Towards virtual ‘touching out’: GPS-based network matching

Leveraging timestamped GPS location data from devices - how Dynamic Time Warping algorithm can identify the service a rider is travelling on.

22nd Feb 2017

Passenger team

Passenger plays key role in major network update communication strategy

21st Feb 2017

Product news

AI-powered voice interfaces for public transport

Tube train in tunnel

16th Feb 2017

Product news

Mobile app crowdsensing to increase revenues through advertising

7th Feb 2017

Making Passenger

Re:develop is taking a year off

23rd Jan 2017

Passenger team

Benefits of mobile ticketing in public transport

Faster boarding times, savings on cash handling, hassle-free scalability, real-time ticket usage, valuable customer feedback — mobile ticketing presents multiple advantages.

17th Jan 2017

Product news

NCT adds mobile ticketing function to its app

14th Dec 2016


YB Move app shortlisted for Transport Ticketing Technology of the Year

23rd Nov 2016


Passenger at The Midlands Intelligent Mobility Conference 2016

1st Nov 2016

Product news

Amazon Echo smart home integration with Passenger launched at Euro Bus Expo 2016

31st Oct 2016

Passenger team

Experimentation is vital: Improving apps with data-driven decisions

27th Oct 2016

Making Passenger

A sea of ones and zeroes

20th Oct 2016

Product news

Boarding code integration with Init CoPILOTpc

Mobile ticket boarding codes now seamlessly integrated for INIT's COPILOTpc on-board computer, for easy driver validation.

18th Oct 2016

Making Passenger

Re:develop 2016

18th Oct 2016


Passenger is Best Mobile Project Runner-Up at Wirehive 100 Awards

10th Oct 2016

Passenger team

Passenger becomes member of Confederation of Passenger Transport UK

The Passenger team are looking forward to playing an active part in regional and national meetings, as advanced mobile technology practice continues to shape the future of transport.

4th Oct 2016


Passenger at Euro Bus Expo – 1st-3rd November 2016 at NEC, Birmingham

8th Sep 2016

Product news

New wearable watch apps now available to operators

26th Aug 2016


Nottingham City Transport “Delighted to be launching with Passenger apps”

26th Aug 2016

Product news

Using revenue forecasting to know when to introduce new products and promotions

Combining historical data with statistical models, such as Linear Regression and Holt-Winters, to help operators to identify the ideal moment to release something new.

16th Aug 2016

Product news

New unlimited one-hour mobile ticket fare launched

29th Jul 2016

Product news

Customer feedback: blown away

29th Jul 2016

Passenger team

Using customer mobile devices for telematics

26th Jul 2016


Yellow Buses launch Passenger Mobile Apps

22nd Jul 2016


Passenger shortlisted for Wirehive 100 Award

15th Jul 2016

Making Passenger

Altitude adventure

16th Jun 2016

Passenger team

Is there a fairer ticket price capping model than Transport for London’s?

When TfL introduced fare capping it sent ripples through the public transport industry as a very complex fare system was made surprisingly simple.

1st Jun 2016


Apps, big (and open) transport data, and plenty of Passenger demos at ALBUM 2016

6th May 2016

Passenger team

Your journey of the future?

13th Apr 2016

Passenger team

Studying Urban Traffic Control systems with Transport for London

24th Mar 2016


Passenger team win Smarter Travel LIVE! 2016 hack challenge

2nd Mar 2016

Making Passenger

Base leap day - a different perspective

20th Nov 2015


Passenger at Smart Ticketing & Payments 2015, London

6th Nov 2015


Passenger shortlisted for London TechCities Awards

1st Nov 2015

Passenger team

Key development areas for Intelligent Mobility

16th Sep 2015


Innovate UK award for advanced m-ticketing

17th Aug 2015

Product news

Passenger have first m-ticketing app with Apple Pay in the UK

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