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Key development areas for Intelligent Mobility

1st Nov 2015

Elite Innovation Centre, the Transport Systems Catapult, has identified key areas of development in the Transport Network, in the UK’s largest ever traveller experience study ‘Traveller Needs’.

75% of journeys are characterised by pain-points according to an extensive research conducted by the Transport System’s Catapult with 57% of travellers always looking for ways to optimise their journeys. Multi-modal journeys are especially painful for UK travellers and each interchange increases the number of pain-points experienced.

The research conducted in the unprecedented study comprised of 10,000 online questionnaire respondents, 50 company interviews, and 100 expert interviews.

Development areas for Intelligent Mobility

  1. Access – Multi-purposed assets, cross modal traveler ‘passports’, integrated payments.
  2. Automation – Vehicle sharing schemes, self-driving vehicle swarms, productive time on journeys, zero emission power trains
  3. Demand and Supply – centralized control, parking problems solved, road traffic flow optimization, demand curve ‘flattening’ and geo/time shifting demand
  4. Integration – Seamless Interchange, personal-pushed information, dynamic timetabling

Read the full report: Intelligent Mobility, Traveller Needs and UK Capability Study

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