About Passenger

Passionate advocates for sustainable, shared mobility

We endeavour to make the right decisions on behalf of the millions of people that use our products, helping them to make responsible mobility choices every day.

The Passenger team celebrating at their HQ in Bournemouth

Together for a better world

Today, Passenger has over 90 customers across its suite of products and a team of over 30 staff.

We make technology that helps people to more easily commute, socialise, shop or just do what they love.

Join us on the journey Our approach

Our vision

A future where sustainable,
shared transport comes first

Our mission

We build technology to empower and inform responsible mobility choices.

We have all-hands events twice a year, where the whole team comes together to share knowledge, collaborate and spend quality time in each other’s company.

Emma Battman - Customer Success Manager

I love working within a team who are passionate about people - the focus isn’t restricted to the products.

Customer Success Team Lead

Emma Battman

Our values

Our values help people to understand more about us by highlighting the things we care about most.

Integrity & courage

Making the right decision when no one’s looking.


Learning and teaching are equally important – every day’s a school day.

Empathy & inclusivity

We connect with people to see things through their eyes.


In how we work and what we create.

Collaboration & teamwork

By working together we can build a better world.

Woman on phone on bus

Our Story

In 2008, a team of 3 people launched an eCommerce ticket website for a local bus company.

In 2015 with 11 staff, Passenger was born. Providing a foundation for the team’s growing capability in transport-focused software and its emerging app and website platform. In 2018, the Travel Portal was unveiled, enabling operators to retail high volumes of tickets digitally for the first time. In 2019, Passenger’s in-app verification service was launched. In 2020, myTrip, an app and website product designed to support smaller bus operators amid the demands of the global pandemic.

Today, Passenger has over 90 customers across its suite of products and a team of over 30 staff. Working to inspire people to see the travel choices they make as a direct action for positive change and to champion the industry’s potential for sustainability.

Jonathan Ginn

Knowing that I’m helping everyone travel around is one of the great things about this job, and getting to do it as part of a top-tier team.

Lead Engineer (Web)

Jon Ginn

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