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Boarding code integration with Init CoPILOTpc

Mobile ticket boarding codes now seamlessly integrated for INIT's COPILOTpc on-board computer, for easy driver validation.

20th Oct 2016

The Passenger team have now made mobile ticket boarding code downloads available directly for Init’s C0PILOTpc on-board computer which powers paper-ticketing, smart card and other systems on the vehicle.

This follows last month’s admin tool release including the functionality to download boarding codes to Excel.

Since launching mobile ticketing, having the day’s boarding code readily available on ticket machines has proved invaluable. Drivers find it easier to check it against the rider’s ticket; whilst operators benefit from the reduced operational costs of not having to communicate it to the drivers each day.

Previously, Passenger had matched algorithms from existing ticket machine installations to make sure mobile ticketing and on-board systems were in sync. This option is, of course, still available to operators, but in situations where a system is not yet in place, it now becomes even easier to get set up.

The team at Passenger are working on a number of integrations with the industry’s leading suppliers. To find out more about opportunities for integration please get in touch, or see us at an event.

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