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Interactive fleet list feature on Passenger websites

See all the vehicles in an operator fleet in real-time on this brand new map feature.

23rd Dec 2020

A live, interactive overview of bus fleets is now available on the web for operators, created by UK technology company Passenger. The feature turns an operator’s Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) feed, which tracks its vehicles as they travel along scheduled routes, into a detailed fleet information list and interactive map.

Using Passenger’s Enhanced Vehicle Information system, the interactive fleet list allows website visitors to easily see all the available information about the vehicles in a fleet, including whether it has WiFi, wheelchair spaces and important accessibility features. Current livery, vehicle registration, vehicle type and name (e.g. HMS Sherwood) are also displayed.

The interactive fleet list feature not only makes vehicle information available to users in an easy to digest way but is also generated dynamically. This new use of existing data within Passenger Cloud, the platform powering Passenger’s highly rated websites and apps, means operators need to spend fewer hours maintaining information for customers. As the official source of the information, this new feature helps to make sure it is always as accurate as possible for the operator.

The fleet list was first rolled out for Midlands-based Nottingham City Transport (NCT), with Blackpool Transport and Go North East deploying within a few days of the feature’s release.

Anthony Carver-Smith, Marketing Manager at NCT said “Being able to check the features on each bus as well as where they all are in real-time is absolutely fantastic. This is another step forward in having the most accurate and up-to-date information available to all our customers, helping them to make their journeys confidently and efficiently. We’ve also now removed our spreadsheet-based fleet list, as this new fleet list feature means one less job for us to do.”

Available to any operator with a Passenger Premium website and its Live Buses module, the maps also centre on any selected vehicle, enabling website visitors to find and track a bus in real-time. Perfect for any bus with a unique livery, seasonal or livery-based marketing campaigns and for highlighting new additions to the fleet.

Passenger CEO Tom Quay said, “It always brings a smile when our team has worked on something that our customers and users enjoy. Even more so when we build something that is both innovative and looks really cool”.

The new fleet list feature will also be available on Passenger’s new myTrip websites, launching in early 2021. myTrip websites will bring additional capabilities to smaller operators, who are already benefiting from Passenger’s new myTrip multi-operator app platform.

To see the NCT interactive fleet list in action visit: nctx.co.uk/fleet-list


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