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Exceeding 99.9% uptime – Passenger’s investment in reliability

4th Sep 2018

The public’s experience of a transport operator – and therefore their judgement on its quality – spans from the moment a rider first interacts with its technology to the moment they alight at their final destination. Customer experience is app experience.

That’s why Passenger is developed to ensure consistency and dependability at all times.

We don’t want feedback on our app to reflect back on an operator’s business. Anything less than a glowing app review doesn’t just communicate an issue with our software, but a larger problem in the context of the user’s feelings towards their transport operator. As such, a traveler’s app experience, just like the journey they take, should be smooth, swift and seamless.

The Passenger team ensures such robustness in technology via a number of processes. Behind the big updates and features we put out with each new release resides a litany of improvements and optimisations designed to make Passenger available to its users 99.9% of the time (a percentage we have historically always fulfilled and often exceed).

“It’s all about attitude, putting the right technical processes in place, and being proactive around monitoring so potential issues are resolved before we even receive alerts,” says Dave Hulbert, Passenger’s Engineering Director. “We listen to feedback from customers, and ensure we work to deliver around that.

“For instance, we know that our customers use a number of third-party integrations. We put redundancies in place to ensure issues with other software does not impact on the development we do at Passenger. It’s thinking like this that ensures us to exceed our minimum of 99.9% availability, keep customers happy, and ensure leading industry app store ratings.”

If you’re experiencing any core reliability issues with with your mobile app provider, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

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