Announcing the Passenger QR schema

A modern mobile ticketing QR schema, using the latest cryptographic technologies, that can be adopted by electronic ticket machine providers to offer secure QR scanning capability for digital tickets.

2nd May 2023

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We are pleased to announce the availability of a modern mobile ticketing QR schema that can be adopted by electronic ticket machine (ETM) providers to offer secure QR scanning capability for digital tickets sold through Passenger mobile apps including our multi-operator app for smaller operators, myTrip.

The schema uses the latest cryptographic technologies for encrypting ticket data, ensuring that the fields in the QR code cannot be altered or copied by unauthorised individuals, whilst also shrinking the size of the encoded data resulting in a simplified QR code to increase scanning speed and accuracy.

The ETM and rider’s mobile device does not need to be online to read or generate a valid QR code, providing reliability to both operators and riders when travelling in areas with poor mobile data coverage.

The Passenger QR schema ticket data is encoded in a format that is flexible and future-facing, making it straightforward to use the Passenger QR schema for other types of ticket products and other modes of shared transport.

The first integration of this schema has been by TransMach, an ETM provider that provides solutions for several operators using myTrip.

Operators using Transmach’s TM500 on-bus and TM920 handheld ETMs will be able to validate QR codes for mobile tickets sold in myTrip and enjoy the benefits of a more secure ticketing option that reduces the risk of fraud, whilst still allowing the rider to benefit from the convenient and fast boarding experience offered by mobile ticketing.

Minesh Vandra, Director at TransMach comments, “We’re delighted to be working with Passenger to offer this new integration. By collaborating we’re able to solve some of the bigger industry challenges we face collectively. We look forward to rolling out the solution for our shared customers.”

The Passenger QR schema is available to any ETM provider wishing to offer their customers and riders a modern QR scanning capability when retailing tickets in either myTrip or Passenger’s white-label app solution.

To find out more about the Passenger QR schema, please drop us a line.

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