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20th May 2022

Bus passenger waiting for their bus

Encouraging ridership and championing bus travel is part and parcel of both the National Bus Strategy and Passenger’s company mission. Working together with our valued customers and partners, we enhance our customer experience platform to support changing rider needs and bring people ‘back to bus’.

Regardless of how localities resolve to meet the requirements of the National Bus Strategy, our ticketing and information tools help operators easily communicate the most cost-efficient ways to travel and empower riders to choose public transport.

Tools for growth

App subscriptions 

  • Offers complete convenience, riders always have a ticket ready
  • Encourage rider loyalty with subscription-only discount offers

Discount codes

  • Configure specific tickets, times and user demographics to target growth
  • Directly answer the National Bus Strategy’s call for ‘non-user’ incentives

Travel Portal

  • Sell and distribute to businesses, organisations, schools and beyond
  • Instant in-app delivery with minimal fraud risk

Passenger will continue to support operators, local government bodies and local authorities in addressing the challenges and opportunities the National Bus Strategy presents.

If you have any questions about our customer experience platform and tools, please get in touch.

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