PTG acquires Netescape and popular BusCMS software

11th Apr 2017

Transport software specialist Passenger Technology Group (PTG) announce the acquisition of Netescape Limited, with its popular BusCMS website and app management system joining the Passenger family of digital technology products from April 2017.

Lee Davies, who has been with Netescape since 2000, will join PTG as Customer Engagement Director following a collaboration with PTG on a combined mobile app and website project for Blackpool Transport. Lee comments, “Passenger is a great product and its trajectory over the last 18 months has been really impressive. Having worked closely on the Blackpool project I’m excited to be joining Passenger, and adding my experience to a team that is really helping transport operators to think differently about the customer experience, and more importantly deliver it successfully.”

Netescape's Lee Davies, and PTG Directors Tom Quay and Andy Brown
Netescape’s Lee Davies, and PTG Directors Tom Quay and Andy Brown

Passenger makes it possible for operators to deliver a seamless, multi-modal real-time route planning experience across digital channels; mobile phone, smartwatch, websites, digital signage and emerging voice technology such as Amazon Echo.

The system has gained considerable market interest following its full UK launch in July last year, with deployments already in 2017 and more due to roll out over the coming months. It combines mobile ticketing, network information, journey planning, real time departures, and disruptions management into one integrated platform that the company call Passenger Cloud.

Tom Quay, CEO of PTG adds, “I can’t wait for Lee to join the team at Passenger! His background in the sector is second to none, and his experience has already been hugely valuable in shaping our plans this year.

“Passenger is evolving quickly into a complete platform for managing customer interaction and the data that those interactions create. Attracting the best talent in the industry is essential to realising the opportunities ahead of us as mobile and contactless payment becomes an integral part of future public transport strategy.

“It was clear from our early conversations that the combined strengths of our businesses would offer customers a proposition that you won’t find anywhere else.”

For more information, please contact:
Matt Morgan, Operations Director at PTG on 0845 257 7400 ([email protected]) or for new business enquiries; Tom Quay, Managing Director on 0845 257 7400 ([email protected]).

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