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Supporting myTrip operator marketing with new collateral

The latest update to our myTrip Operator Marketing Pack sees the addition of new graphics for social media, making the pack even more helpful in spreading the mobile ticketing word.

17th Mar 2023

Operator marketing pack graphics being developed by a designer at Passenger

Since the app launched in 2020, we’ve been working hard to make it easy for myTrip operators to promote mobile ticketing and bus tracking to customers. The latest update to our Operator Marketing Pack, sees the addition of lots of new graphics for social media making the pack even more helpful in spreading the word about myTrip.

We know that customers look for updates on social media channels, so we’ve created some exciting new graphics for operators to use and share.

Graphics for Spring, clock changes and back to school
Graphics to use when schools break up and over the summer period
Spring, festive winter period and school-themed graphics
Summer, festive winter and school-themed graphics for myTrip
Spring and school-themed graphics
An example of the myTrip graphics being used on Twitter by Reliance Buses

As well as illustrations for social media, we’ve designed posters for use on the buses, at bus stops and anywhere else that myTrip operators might like to display them. We have also created print-ready ads for a standard Super Rear, two sizes of internal cove, a Super Side and a Window Rear!!

We’ve even written copy for an email that operators can use to send out to customers to encourage them to download myTrip and start using it as soon as possible.

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