Passenger shortlisted for Mobile Innovation of the Year

The Digital Leaders 100 Awards honour 2017's highest achievements, celebrating teams and individuals who are blazing a trail in digital.

15th May 2017

We are really pleased to announce that Passenger has been shortlisted as Mobile Innovation of the Year at Digital Leaders 100 Awards 2017. The DL100 Awards honour the highest achievements from the past year, celebrating teams and individuals who are blazing a trail within the digital space.

Vote now closed – visit Digital Leaders

With Passenger, we are making huge strides forward in improving digital services for public transport operators. Everything we have achieved is with a small, self-funded team. Public transport is a critical service under serious pressure to deliver more and increase the attractiveness of its services in a challenging environment. Despite the challenges, we are achieving app store ratings of between 4 and 5 stars, with our deployments. This is unheard of in public transport mobile apps.

Every vote counts. Please vote for us on the DL100 Awards website, we really appreciate it.

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