Customer story – Reading Buses

For 100 years Reading Buses has led the way for municipal operators, thanks in part to a strategy that places technology at the core of its development process. Since June 2018 Passenger has played its own part in this story, using the latest in data-powered, real-time tools to further close the gap between operator and customer. Read More

Passenger adds Google Pay to its suite of Android apps

We’ve added Google’s digital wallet platform and online payment system to our Android apps, opening up more choice for customers to pay and get from A to B. The solution is already in use by the many UK operators who run Passenger-created mobile apps and their patrons who use Android. Read More

Bus Stop Checker – an update on the beta and how the tool works

Bus Stop Checker launched on 29th October. The tool, which visualises our confidence in the accuracy of NaPTAN data, has motivated some great discussions around this open dataset in the public transport industry. It has also generated some interesting feedback, which we’d like to address in this post. Read More

Customer story – redefining Borders Buses

Since establishing Borders Buses in 2016, West Coast Motors has worked to modernise the brand and tailor its service to the needs of riders today. Passenger played a big part in this transformation, simplifying the customer experience while also opening a unique, direct line of communication between user and operator. Read More

The ease of onboarding and customer migration with Passenger

Adopting a new m-ticketing solution can be daunting, especially when the service you provide caters to a large customer base, and to which any disruption may result in disgruntled riders and lower-than-average app reviews. That’s why Passenger is developed for expedited onboarding and supports a customer migration plan that takes both potential revenue loss and company reputation into consideration. Read More

Passenger launches revenue data integration with EPM

Calculating the value of mobile ticket revenue streams to their business just became easier for operators. Passenger has collaborated with the team at EPM to automate the import of mobile ticket revenue information from Passenger Cloud into EPM’s Depot Performance System. Read More

Exceeding 99.9% uptime – Passenger’s investment in reliability

The clue is in the name; the public is at the core of the public transport business. That’s why we’re dedicated to 99.9% availability of connectivity and above in the customer-facing software we create. Here, we take a look at some of the values we place at the centre of our ongoing development process. Read More