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Person standing on a bus holding a phone, with headphones on. They are smiling.

8th Jun 2022

Product news

Passenger launches app subscription capability

The latest addition to a portfolio of tools to address the opportunities presented by the National Bus Strategy.

Bus passenger waiting for their bus

20th May 2022

Product news

Money saving, noise-making, user-friendly ways to increase ridership

Communicate the most cost-efficient ways to travel with subscription deals and promotional opportunities.

Person using their phone by a bus stop

28th Mar 2022

Product news

Boost operator visibility with third-party ticketing capability

Reach more riders through third-party applications hosting ticket purchase links. 

Contactless Journeys technology in use on a bus

16th Mar 2022

Product news

Unified, real-time, proactive insights for riders

Riders using contactless can view past journeys and how much they were charged every step of the way.

Hands holding a mobile phone and a bank payment card.

23rd Feb 2022


Passenger and Littlepay team up for a complete contactless experience

Transport operators will be able to offer their users the real time payments information that they want and need.

18th Aug 2021

Product news

Carnet tickets – The future is flexible

Transport technology company reveals carnet tickets are now the best-selling for operators.

13th Aug 2021


Warrington’s Own Buses enhances services with new website and app

In addition to live bus tracking, web-to-mobile eCommerce means travellers can access website purchased tickets in app.

Person holding a mobile phone up with a sunset behind them

9th Jul 2021

Product news

Verifications service – a better way to get moving

A fast, reliable, accessible way to verify users, reduce operating costs and increase customer loyalty.

8th May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Mobile phones are the key to mobility

Public transport users need to feel more in control than ever when travel restrictions begin to lift.

A wooden board with dates and number

15th Apr 2020

Making Passenger

The best data is simple data

Service alterations for bank holidays used to be some of the most complex changes network operators made. With UK timetables in flux, data exchange formats should be under close watch.