Case Study

A decade of partnership

10 years working with one of the UK's most highly regarded public transport operators, Nottingham City Transport. From a standing start in 2013 to become one of the UK’s most-loved bus apps.

A decade ago, NCT had outgrown the capabilities of its local agency and needed a provider who could integrate industry hardware and data suppliers to deliver a step-change for their customers. Working closely with NCT ever since, the team at Passenger has been instrumental in the bus operator’s incredible digital transformation.

NCT App screenshots; the splash screen, the ticket checkout screen and the ticket selection screen

The Nottingham City Transport app and website, powered by Passenger Cloud, enable customers to purchase tickets, track their vehicle and see how much carbon savings they can make by taking the bus.

Group of Passenger Team members

Passenger is simply the best multi-platform supplier working in the bus industry today.

Anthony Carver-Smith

Head of Marketing & Projects

Nottingham City Transport

Green Nottingham City Transport

NCT has one of the youngest and greenest bus fleets in the country following a £42m investment in recent years. Every NCT bus meets the most stringent Euro VI emission standards. Working in partnership with Nottingham City Council and with funding from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, NCT is running the largest fleet of bio-gas double-deck buses in the world.

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