A faster way to get moving

Reduce operating costs and increase the engagement of loyal customers with quick ID approval for concessionary or restricted tickets.

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Increased efficiency

Reduce operating and administrative costs by replacing in-person ID checks done by drivers and travel centre staff with a rider-controlled in app verification process that can be done on the move and from anywhere. Can be used in conjunction with the Travel Portal and ticket subscriptions.

Verifications - product feature - customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

See fewer refund requests as your riders are less likely to purchase tickets they are unable to use without undertaking trips to travel centres to verify their identification. In-app verification lets riders purchase, verify and activate tickets from their own devices. 

Verifications - product feature - travel simple

Travel simple

Increase engagement by making travel more affordable and accessible. No need for riders to carry ID to travel, no need for driver ID checks on buses. Just quick and easy identity checks undertaken by the rider on their own device. 

Secure and safe

All data is processed within the UK, under UK GDPR regulation. Identification records are stored separately and securely, for only as long as they need to be. 

Comprehensive coverage

Match your concessionary ticket offers to your unique local needs and schemes and schemes through our flexible service. Promote discounted travel and offers and encourage loyalty.

We love that it enables customers to be verified more quickly and without the hassle of visiting us. It benefits us with time and cost savings plus helps our customers get on the move faster

Anthony Carver-Smith

Head of Marketing & Projects

Nottingham City Transport

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