Planned down to the minute

The digital equivalent of a bus stop departure board - in hand, wherever you are. All the information riders need to make journeys as easy and time-efficient as possible.

Departure Board showing real time departures for service 1 and 3, and a cancelled journey for service 15.

Time to move

Show bus departures in real time, so riders know when to head to a stop (scheduled times shown if unavailable) and can plan ahead for making connections or letting people know arrival or departure times.

Total accuracy

Departure boards will show stop name and stand identifier matched with the NaPTAN national dataset, to ensure accuracy and clarity for anyone travelling or planning journeys. 

Time to explore

Display the route for an approaching bus on the map and show riders exactly when a bus will depart a stop. Bus locations are updated every 10 seconds to show vehicles in real time and reassure riders. 

Contextual insight

Communicate stop and line disruptions directly on the departure board for accurate planning. Communicate easily with riders to keep them informed about any changes or disruptions. 

All your favourites

Riders can store chosen departure stops on their devices to quickly access later, making it quicker and easier for them to plan the travel to get them where they want to be. 


We integrate with all major data providers (and the more niche ones too!) so you can be sure that you’ll never need to swap or move suppliers.

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