Communicate with riders

Share information about planned or unplanned changes to networks, stops or lines as riders plan journeys via apps and websites. Managed via an intuitive, central system to create and process disruptions and cancellations as they happen, and have changes reflected in real time.

Plan and react

Network, line and stop alerts are easily added, removed, amended and managed by operator staff. Includes options to set up recurring, one-off future and one-off current events.

Communicate and share

Update your customers with service updates across the apps and websites. Use social media integration to amplify your messages for greater reach. 

Quickly respond

Easily cancel individual or large sets of journeys that are then immediately reflected in real time on journey planners and across departure boards.

Final batch of Nottingham City Transport's Bio-Gas buses are launched on their orange line service.

The ability to cancel blocks of stops is incredible. It's now so easy to cancel journeys, we are using it for all our short term disruptions which we didn't feel we were able to do before.

Anthony Carver-Smith

Head of Marketing

Nottingham City Transport

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