Better informed riders

Help riders make informed choices based on their individual journey needs. Provide static and dynamic information about each specific vehicle for pre-journey planning.

Vehicle identifiers

Help riders to easily recognise vehicles and be confident they are getting on the right bus by showing the number plate, livery colours and vehicle type – great for busy areas or visitors/tourists.

Accessible and inclusive

Promote vehicle capabilities by making them visible to riders to help them confidently plan journeys. Show wheelchair spaces, lower floors, hearing loops and more.  

Journey experience

Show a range of vehicle capabilities and features, from payment methods to on-bus utilities such as Wi-Fi, USB charging, luggage racks, tables and more.

How busy is my bus?

Real time information on bus and bus stop occupancy levels, sourced directly from ETMs and augmented with crowdsourced data for accuracy.

Purple Reading Bus

We love that Passenger keep refining and developing the product - they listen to our feedback and the feedback from users and it really shows.

Jake Osman

Marketing and Communications Manager

Reading Buses

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