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Delivering every day for passengers in East Yorkshire

Working closely with Passenger since 2016, East Yorkshire Buses has transformed its customer experience to drive meaningful change for its local bus services.

East Yorkshire Buses, owned by Go-Ahead Group, operates a comprehensive network of services across East Yorkshire, reaching into North Yorkshire with its North Riding brand. With one of the industry’s highest rated apps, our combined teams work closely to deliver day in and day out for customers.

Three screens showing the East Yorkshire Buses mobile app

The East Yorkshire Buses app and website, powered by Passenger Cloud, enable customers to purchase tickets, track their vehicle and see how much their journey will cost before taking the bus.

Terry Vincent, Marketing Officer

The portal allows us to outsource ticketing to individual schools and colleges, saving us time and admin work, and allowing the colleges control over who they give tickets to.

Terry Vincent

Marketing Officer (Former)

East Yorkshire Buses

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