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A red and silver Yutong E12 operated by TrawsCymru

19th Dec 2023


Accessing discounts for young people made easy with in-app verifications at TrawsCymru

In-app verifications are an easy and effective way to offer targeted discounts whilst preventing fraud and protecting revenue.

Cover image showing different visual elements of in-app verification for Brighton & Hove Buses

10th Nov 2023

Product news

Revenue yield boosted 13% with in-app verifications

Minimise revenue risk by making sure discounted mobile tickets can only be bought and used by those you decide are eligible, as demonstrated at Brighton & Hove Buses.

Close up of two people outside. Both are holding smartphones.

22nd Jun 2023

Product news

Thames Valley blaze trail with fraud reduction through app verifications

Bracknell-based Thames Valley Buses has recently added Passenger’s verification service to its highly regarded mobile ticketing app. The results have made it an easy decision for its parent company, Reading Buses, to adopt the solution too.

Photo by Uriel Mont: Focused black woman using smartphone on sunny spring street

15th Mar 2023

Product news

Reducing friction with in-app customer verification updates

The latest additions to Passenger’s in-app verification service, make it easier for more customers to quickly access tickets and travel by bus with their smartphone.

Person holding a mobile phone up with a sunset behind them

9th Jul 2021

Product news

Verifications service – a better way to get moving

A fast, reliable, accessible way to verify users, reduce operating costs and increase customer loyalty.

3rd Mar 2020

Product news

In-app verification changing student bus travel

Passenger’s new verifications provide a transformational customer experience, allowing the purchase of restricted tickets entirely through an operator’s app.

Transport Ticketing Global exhibition hall

22nd Jan 2020

Product news

Passenger launches in-app verification at Transport Ticketing 2020

Reduce operating costs and increase the engagement of loyal customers. A smart new in-app ID verification service will be unveiled by Passenger in London next week.