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28th Mar 2024


Go East Anglia’s Konectbus delivers egg-citing Easter Deals with app rewards

Dubbed "Eggscape by Bus," Go East Anglia's Easter holiday campaign aims to entice travellers to explore various destinations and enjoy special perks, all by downloading and accessing rewards via the Konectbus mobile app.

Ben Murray, KPMG’s Product Manager on the Department for Transport’s BODS programme

22nd Mar 2024


The most disruptive type of data

Product Manager for the Bus Open Data Service, Ben Murray, on collaboration, the distinction between what became known as simple and complex fares, and how Passenger is leading the way with visualising machine readable NeTEx data — the most disruptive type of data — in a way that the operators can understand, verify and fix if they need to.

20th Mar 2024

Making Passenger

The fares journey: from workshop to working product

The delivery of a new feature can be easy to understand in retrospect, especially once it can be touched, felt and easily understood. But bringing everyone on the journey is key to reaching the promised land. From conversations and sketches to app update, read how our new fares capability evolved.

Arial view of green fields

16th Feb 2024

Making Passenger

The importance of Passenger’s ticket coverage concept to delivering new fares capability

As a relatively unknown data standard in the UK, learning how to use NeTEx and where it fits into existing product capability has been a focus for our Product and Engineering teams over the last year. Ticket coverage, or zones, is a key product concept integral to answering the question; how much will it cost?

12th Feb 2024

Product news

Passenger launches online bus fare discovery based on NeTEx

For the first time, riders can find out how much their journey will cost before catching the bus. The new capability has been launched today with Brighton and Hove Buses, Metrobus in Surrey, Warrington’s Own Buses, Reading Buses, Thames Valley Buses and Nottingham City Transport. 

Women look at security cameras

17th Jan 2024

Product news

New admin user account management tools in Passenger Cloud

As part of information security management systems, regular user access checks are vital when staff leave the business or change roles. Today, we have made good information security practices more accessible with the release of new tools in Passenger Cloud.

Temporary bus stop - a planned network change

27th Aug 2022

Product news

Highlighting service changes to riders in advance

With the new network changes module, Passenger offers an improved rider experience for communicating planned changes.