Contactless Journeys

Real time, proactive, unified visibility and management of contactless travel

Improve the overall travel experience and empower riders using contactless payment systems all within your existing operator platforms.

Oxford Bus Company
Xplore Dundee
Brighton & Hove
Blackpool Transport
Contactless Journeys technology in use on a bus

Easy to use, easy to travel

Give users the ability to view their contactless payments and journey history in a familiar interface through your app or website alongside Passenger’s existing travel tools.

Bus passenger using contactless payment

Frictionless payments

Contactless accounts for more than a quarter of all UK payments. An effective capabilities strategy aligns with this trend by giving users easy access to their contactless history.

Screenshot of the Contactless Journeys and cap tracking features in the Passenger app

Keeping track of payments is really important to our customers, so I am thrilled that by working with Passenger they can now do that via our mobile app.

Luke Taylor-Sales

Head of Customer Experience

Brighton & Hove

Meet National Bus Strategy objectives by making fares easier to understand and breaking down the traditional barriers for people switching travel modes.

Contactless Journeys screen on a mobile phone

Unified information, in one place

No need to switch between different platforms when planning journeys and viewing travel and payment history. Everything you need for travel in one place.

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Real time, proactive, visible

Keep passengers informed with proactive push notifications to mobile and smartwatch.

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Contactless Journeys launched for Oxford Bus Company

Contactless journey is giving riders increased visibility of the benefits and value of travelling by bus in Oxford.

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Bus passenger waiting for their bus

Contactless payments have been a consistently growing area and one unlocking more flexibility around fares, suiting the preferred travel patterns of many new and existing customers.

Sean McLaughlin

Group Senior Solution Manager

Go-Ahead Group

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