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A row of Blackpool Transport buses under a blue summer sky.

16th Feb 2021


Supporting operators to build back better in 2021

How Passenger is ensuring operators can build back better with confidence and ease.

9th Nov 2020

Product news

Reading Buses pause tickets during lockdown

Following the Government decision to lockdown England until 2 December, Reading Buses users are given the option to pause active tickets.

26th Oct 2020

Product news

Pausing Cardiff Bus tickets in Welsh lockdown

Following the Welsh Government announcement of a national lockdown until 9 November, Cardiff Bus app users are given the option to freeze their tickets.

8th Jun 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Advocacy is Everything – Understanding the Transdev Ethos

How buses are delivering a real and essential public service - perhaps now more than ever.

29th May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

How can we start living differently?

Can we change the way cities are built and run, to remove dependence on private car ownership?

15th May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Lifestyle is a commitment to a habit…

...and we need public transport to be the default habit.

15th May 2020

Product news

Harnessing data to fight the spread of COVID-19

Passenger is working at pace with Government and industry colleagues to give users the information they need to safely plan journeys.

8th May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Mobile phones are the key to mobility

Public transport users need to feel more in control than ever when travel restrictions begin to lift.

1st May 2020

Making Passenger podcast

Back to the future for the bike

Cycling plays an important part in how we travel around towns and cities - and its popularity has bloomed during the current health crisis.

Bournemouth high street drawn with cyclists and buses

28th Apr 2020

Passenger team

Shaping cities in a post-COVID 19 landscape

When COVID-19 hit, the world pushed pause. Industry, economies and the environment have all been affected, with the transport sector seeing an overnight reduction in travel.