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myTrip is the fastest growing community of bus operators in the UK. Launched shortly after the start of the pandemic, the myTrip network is supporting bus operators to bring audiences back to the bus.

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Help drive myTrip

Today we’re launching our new refer-a-friend scheme so that you can help to drive myTrip’s growth.

Refer a new operator to myTrip and when they sign up you’ll receive a £50 Amazon voucher. That’s unlimited too – refer as many new operators as you like – claim your reward every time.

Refer a friend
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How to get involved

If you’re referring a new operator

• Have a quick chat with them first
• Fill in our referral form
• We’ll get in touch with them

Refer a friend
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How to get involved

If you’ve been referred to join

• Mention which operator referred you
• We’ll send them their reward for inviting you!
• You can join the myTrip referral scheme
• You get access to all myTrip benefits

Refer a friend
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This is the multi-operator solution so many smaller UK bus operators have been waiting for.

Chris Almond

Group Commercial Officer

D&G Bus

Ready to recommend a friend?

Chat with your operator friends and tell them what you love about myTrip. Send us their details and we'll get in touch.